Roadside Assistance Coverage

If the eligible vehicle is immobilized during a journey, the beneficiary will be provided with Roadside Assistance specified as under:

Accident recovery

Accident Recovery

If the vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven due to an accident, it will be towed to the nearest approved garage as per instructions provided to the service provider.

The maximum amount payable is SAR 500/- in respect to towing.

towing service

Towing Service

In the event of a breakdown, the service provider will arrange to tow or transport the vehicle to the nearest repairer.

The maximum amount payable is SAR 500/- . If the cost is greater than this benefit’s limit, the beneficiary pays the difference.

battery boost

Battery Boost

If the battery is ‘dead’, the vehicle will be jump-started to get it moving. If it still does not start, it will be towed to the nearest repairer. If it does not start due to the battery being discharged, the service provider will recharge it.

The maximum amount payable for towing is SAR 500/-.

Tyre replacement

Tyre Replacement

In case of a puncture, the service provider will replace it with the spare. Neither the supply of parts or replacement items, nor materials in general, are included in this coverage. For this benefit, the spare tyre, jack and necessary tools should be available and in good condition.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery

If the vehicle runs out of fuel, the service provider can offer up to 5 liters. The beneficiary bears this cost. In any case, the service provider shall not carry more fuel than the amount permitted in the territory covered.

Locksmith service

Locksmith Service

If the beneficiary cannot access the vehicle due to the keys being locked inside, the service provider will send a locksmith to open the vehicle door, paying for the locksmith’s labour charges.

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